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Pay as low as $125/month with Klarna.


The only reformer that allows you to complete an entire workout in forward-facing direction. Safely follow along with our world-class instructors without turning around or taking your body out of alignment. 

  • Forward-facing movement throughout your entire workout. 

  • Classical and Megarefomer in one machine. 

  • Lightweight and modular design for easy storage. 

ONYX On-demand is more than an app. ONYX focuses on holistic wellness, putting the reformer at the center of all our programs. Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey, looking for a routine to maintain your health, or training for your next big event, ONYX on-demand has a curated program to help you achieve your goals. 


  • Unlimited on-demand classes for one monthly payment of $29.99.

  • Access to our monthly rotation of our signature classical flow, cardio power, and athlete tone programs.

  • Curated programs for a healthy life, such as prenatal and postpartum, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and so much more. 

  • Metrics to track your progress.

  • On the devices you already love.



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Simulated image. Subject to change. 

Launching in early 2023, Coach Henry, our form correction technology, elevates your experience with personalized coaching in the comfort of your own home. Coach Henry provides a customized experience you can’t get anywhere else by combining our patent-pending forward-facing movement and the latest computer vision technology. 


  • Real-time form correction and recommendations. 

  • Form Score to track progress over time.

  • Customized recommendations based on personal performance.