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Our Mission: To inspire transformation through movement.

At ONYX, we are on a mission to inspire transformation through movement. Whatever that may mean to you, we are here for you. 


Our Story

As athletes, we discovered firsthand the transformational power of reformer Pilates. Like most, we were forced to adapt our daily routines during the pandemic. When our favorite studios closed, we were disappointed in the at-home refomer experience. This leads us to create ONYX. A reformer designed for a digital world.

While you might know us for our innovative products, but our company is much more profound. Since day one, our founders wanted to ensure ONYX was a force of good. That is why they signed the 1% pledge, a commitment to give back 1% of its revenue, before selling a single product. 

Why Pink?

You may have noticed pink incorporated into our brand. Pink is more than a brand identity for us. It's a nod to breast cancer and the millions of people it impacts every year. 


1 in 8 women in the US will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Our founder's mom was one of them. Through our 1% pledge, we have committed to donating these proceeds to organizations dedicated to breast cancer education, advocacy, and research. 

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